One By One Therapeutic Massage

Sessions & Rates

70 Min Invigorating Swedish $70

A standard general massage that tones and rejuvenates using the five traditional massage strokes which are basis of all massage. Great after a hard work out to speed recovery or to tonify muscles if you have been inactive.

60 Min Relaxation $65

A complete escape from what is stressing you, this massage feels slow and meditative.

75 Deep Tissue  $75

This session employs a variety of techniques to address specific acute and/or chronic "problem" areas.

90 Deep Tissue $90

The ideal option for an unhurried full body massage that also allows for specific work on acute and/or chronic "problem" areas". 

Recovery, Rehab & Support $60

40 minute massage for clients recuperating from illness, surgery, injury. All aspects of session are adjusted to create the most comfortable experience for the client.

On The Go Mini Massage  $40

A clothed "mini massage " for neck, hands and feet. A great introduction to therapeutic massage.

Palliative Caring Touch  $80

In home or facility 40 minutes light pressure, gentle massage to reduce pain and anxiety. Call to discuss before scheduling; physician permission may be required.

Sports Pre/Post Event  $65

45 minute of combined Swedish and sports massage techniques; pre-event warms up the sport specific muscles; post-event calms, lengthens, and begins the recovery process with circulatory enhancement.