One by One Therapeutic - Massage Styles

Swedish Massage

The way I give a "Swedish" massage feels like a passive "work out" and is very relaxing at the same time. A classic Swedish massage aims to calm the nervous system, reset muscle tone and increase local circulation using five traditional massage strokes. Great after a hard work out to speed recovery or to tone muscles if you have been inactive but also a good all purpose choice if you do NOT have specific injury or chronic discomfort. Light to moderate pressure is generally used and the therapists hands are in constant motion. 

Relaxation Massage

A complete escape from what is stressing you, this style feels slow and meditative.

Deep Tissue Massage

More intense, specific, less "flow" - This style targets the deeper muscle layers and is the session clients should schedule if they have chronic "problem" areas. The intent is corrective -rather than restorative like Swedish massage -changing the tone, position and functionality of muscles, fascia, and even tendons. The pressure used is moderate to strong and often described as more "intense" less "relaxing". The attention and time spent in certain areas depends on what the client describes and then what the therapist discovers. How quickly the "soft tissue" of muscle and fascia responds guides the direction of the session. Some temporary soreness post session is possible although not common. 

Recovery - Rehab Massage

Therapeutic massage for clients recovering from illness or surgery or with injuries in the sub-acute phase of healing. Promotes correct healing and re-aligning of soft tissue and enhances physical therapy work you are doing. In some cases a physicians' ok will be requested. Very specific areas are worked and can include therapist and client working together using passive and active range of motion actions and stretches when appropriate. Not an "escape" or relaxation type of massage.