One By One Therapeutic Massage - Reviews

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Provides such a gift! Dana provides the best, most therapeutic body work I have ever received. During massages with Dana I'm able to both relax and receive the treatment I came for. Provided in a warm setting with the utmost relaxation, she truly provides such a gift. Thank you! - Lyndsey April 2019

Naturally gifted healer "Cannot say enough Good Things about Dana! Been visiting her for years: whether your need is relaxation or help with a specific issue, Dana is knowledgeable, a naturally gifted healer with phenomenal hands. As a former dancer she really understands anatomy and movement. Bottom line: Dana is an experienced therapist with great spirit!" Barbara - Feb 2019

Very thorough and knowledgeable " Very flexible and willing to schedule around our busy schedule. Very thorough and knowledgeable about what makes sense for various aches and pains." Wendy - March 2019

I just feel amazing... "I came to One by One and found relief from a range of sports-related injuries, but I keep coming back even after recovery because I just feel amazing after every session. Dana seamlessly unites the science behind her practice with a level of relaxation that brings the finest spas to mind.She thinks critically about whatever brings you through the door and works to address the problem at its source rather than temporarily alleviating the symptoms." Nina - March 2019

..unbelievably relaxing massages "My wife and I have been getting massages from Dana for a couple of years. Dana provides extremely professional, effective, and unbelievably relaxing massages. She's successfully helped me work through a couple of injuries, and found tension spots I didn't realize were there until she worked on them. I highly recommend Dana." Paul - Feb 2019 

Swedish Massage By Dana" "Excellent massage after a hectic holiday in Hawaii. I was so tired after a short but adventurous trip and a long 8 hrs flight, not to mention the 4 hours time difference. Her massage did magic to my body and I was rejuvenated. She has real magic in her fingers." Shuba - May 2018

I'll be a client for life!  "In my experience, it usually takes a massage therapist a few sessions to connect with me. I was pleasantly surprised to find this was not the case when I met Dana. She was able to read my needs immediately, delivering the most relaxing experience I had received in a long time. Thank you Dana...I'll be a client for life!" Lyndsey - May 2017

Migraine Never Developed " I'd recommend Dana to anyone with a specific pain trigger from an old injury. She is the only health practitioner who has been able to prevent an incipient migraine from developing into the full blown version. No other modality that I have tried (prior massage therapy, acupuncture, trigger point injections and drugs) prevented its occurrence following certain activities. Dana listened carefully to the problem and suggested trying to relax muscles on the usual pathway up my neck. Applying very gentle pressure, working slowly, she moved from scapula to my head. Sure enough, the migraine never developed." Sigrid - Sept 2014

More Holistic "My session with Dana felt more holistic than just someone working through the knots in my body. Wonderful!" E.M. - January 2014

Just wanted to put it out there that Dana Strong is one awesome massage therapist! "I've been going to her since she started her business here in Boulder and am a very satisfied customer. I love how quickly she hones in on problem areas and provides great advice that can be used day to day, outside the session. She is incredibly careful and sensitive and seems to know exactly the right amount of pressure to work out the kinks, ensuring a completely relaxed body/mind experience. I always feel like a new person when I walk out of her office. 5 stars!" Diane - 2012