About Me

Mother, performing artist, teacher, athlete, massage therapist...my style of body work comes from having all these experiences and involves keen observation, clear communication and a commitment to giving clients practical, creative, non-judgmental information in addition to comfortable, nurturing massage.

My philosophy... our bodies sometimes resist force, preferring a slower, gentler, sensitive approach. Effective results can be achieved when massage is received regularly and is enhanced with small adjustments in body mechanics and daily habits. My goal is the relief of physical symptoms of wear and tear and respite from normal and uncommon stressful events. 

imageI have been licensed in Colorado since 2011 when I graduated with honors from Boulder School of Massage Therapy. In 2012-13, I studied with Lauren Cates,CMT, Founder and Executive Director of Healwell and the Society For Oncology Massage. I completed a six day training in clinical massage through the Healwell Stewardship program at the Virginia Hospital Center, where I was supervised in hands-on massage and touch therapy for patients in Intensive Care, Oncology and Acute Rehabilitation. I volunteered palliative touch therapy for TRU Community Care 2013-15 and currently donate one Saturday a month as volunteer massage therapist for Boulder County Aids Project.