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imageGentle is the new strong!

Highly relaxing body work, using Swedish, deep tissue techniques, fascial release, neuromuscular work, sports, active and passive ROM, joint "play", breath and body awareness techniques.      

"Muscle whispering" invites change. If hard pressure is appropriate, it is achieved gradually.

The liklihood of symptom improvement "lasting" depends on many factors. A minimum of 3 sessions is recommended if "treatment" work is your goal.

Treatment of long-standing issues requires on-going sessions.

"Office Hours" page is typical; please email/call if you need another time.

Go to "Sessions & Rates" to choose the session best suited to your needs. 

Rates: $40-$90 

General availability: Tuesday - Friday

Schedule a session: Click on BOOK NOW!  

Payment: Cash or Check 

Discounts: 5% Seniors (60yrs +) & Students  ALSO 5% Pre-paid 3 sessions (Expire120 days)

Gift Certificates: Good for 90 days and transferable

Office: 3015 47th St, Suite E-2. Located in Vantage Point Office Community at NE corner of Foothills Parkway & Valmont Rd.  


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