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imageGentle is the new Strong!

My approach is highly relaxing and gentle, using Swedish strokes, fascial release, neuromuscular work, sports, active and passive stretching, joint "play", breath and body awareness techniques. These techniques - alone or in combination - can help specific problems as well offer great relief from tension.     

I call my approach "muscle whispering", using less pressure to coax change, not force it. If harder pressure is appropriate, it is achieved very gradually.

The liklihood of improvement in symptoms "lasting" depends on many factors. A minimum of 3 sessions is strongly recommended if "treatment" work is your goal. I offer a 5% discount for prepaying 3 sessions.

Treatment of chronic and acute aches and pains with massage therapy, when diagnosed correctly by your health care provider, will be most beneficial with frequent sessions.

"Office Hours" page is typical but other times may be available. See Sessions & Rates to choose the session best suited to your needs. 

Rates: $40-$90 

General availability: Monday - Saturday

Schedule a session: Email or click below on BOOK NOW!  

Payment: Check (preferred), exact cash or credit card 

Discounts: 5% Seniors (60yrs +) and Students and 10%Pre-pay three sessions (90 day expiration)

Gratuity: Optional

Gift Certificates: Good for 60 days

Boulder Office: 3015 47th St, Suite E-2. Located in the Vantage Point Office Community at the NE corner of Foothills Parkway and Valmont Rd, I am in the office of The Wellness Collective.  


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